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Just Bread (Select Your Type)

Just Bread (Select Your Type)

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It's bark! It's brittle! No, It's JUST Bread! Enjoy a box. Whether you like SIMPLE, SWEET, or SALTY they are all CRISPY! All creations are made with organic spelt flour unleavened bread. Gluten Free is available. 

Box Quantity: 10pieces (Diameter 4in) 

Select From -

Simple Bread (handmade plain organic spelt flour unleavened bread)

Sweet Bread (handmade organic spelt flour unleavened bread with organic cinnamon and organic light brown sugar with a pinch of pink himalayan salt)

Salty Bread (handmade plain organic spelt flour unleavened bread with a dash of pink himalayan salt)


 Allergens: Wheat

Processed in a facility that handles Dairy, Tree Nuts, Coconut, Peanuts

Free from Soy, GMO, Parabens, Artificial Flavoring

It isn't bark, it isn't brittle... It's Bread®