Behind The Bread

Faith. Family. Funds. 

It’s Bread started in 2017 and was built on faith, patience, and obedience through servitude. 

FAITH is our foundation. Honor and obedience to God, Jesus Christ, comes first. It was through my service, as a volunteer cook for the Lord’s Feast Days, that I was granted the idea and concept of It’s Bread. 

FAMILY follows. I started this company as a young mother with a young child and we, (including the business), have all grown together laboring to find our balance. That balance for us turned out to be patience. Patience in prioritizing my health (iron deficiency anemia advocate), raising my child, and in learning business successfully achieving the freedom to parent the future without having to sacrifice the present. 


FUNDS will come. We are firm believers that if we obey and serve God first and take care of His business, He will take care of ours and all will succeed. 

How It Started  VS  How It’s Going

It isn't bark, it isn't brittle... It's Bread®